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Expand your real estate knowledge - here are some of our latest blog posts to help you out. Selling your property or purchasing a new, dream house can become stress-free and exciting when you know what to expect! 
Comparing the first eleven months of 2021 to the same period in 2020, new listings (38,852) increased 6.1%, pending sales (33,620) increased 8.7%, and closed sales (32,492) increased…
The Portland metro area saw mostly gains this April, with new listings leading the way. There were 4,210 new listings, a 5.5% increase .... There have been 132 Multi-Family properties sold during 2019 in the Portland Market Area.
1901 St Paul Homestead Original woodwork & much original character intact. Large farm home outside the small town of St Paul.
A home sale is usually a stressful event for both buyers and sellers, but while a buyer's stress is usually centered around the mortgage loan, for sellers, the source of stress is almost always about the home inspection. Most mortgage loans require an inspection in order to…
The Portland area saw an uptick of new listings to begin the year this January.... The rental market has heated up. In general tempers are flaring ....
Are you planning on selling your Portland Area Home in 2019? You will no doubt ....


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